Unique Commissions

Gin Bottle Label Designs

I was commissioned by a pub owner called Wendy to design the labels for two gins that she was creating to sell in her pub and around the local area. She sent me photos of inspirition she had and then gave me the name of the first gin which was 'The Tipsy Toad' I doodled and designed until I started coming up with designs that Wendy liked and she could tell me which direction to take it from there. 


Gin Bottle Designs

Unique Projects

In 2019 I had the privilege to work with Wendy, who owns The Dukes Head in Tadworth UK on her very own gin bottle. She gave me an idea of what she had in mind. This was a toad inspired by the The Wind in the Willows and some kind of flower. I came up with many designs which we then finalised and turned Into a cute, colourful, unique design. Wendy called it 'Tipsy Toad Gin'. The launch of the gin was so great. It was held at the pub and everyone loved the bottle design. Wendy was so happy with the response that she then commissioned me to create the bottle design for a pink gin for the summer. We decided to go for a similar theme to the Tipsy Toad Gin but made the flowers brighter for summer and replace the toad with a cute pig. This summer gin was called 'Giggling Pig Gin'. Below are some photos which captured my journey from start to finish. 

Recreating Artists work

My Uncle really liked a printing by an artist which my parents have in their front room. He asked if I could recreate it but a bit bigger. I took this challenge on and although I wasn't using the same paints as the original artist I still think it turned out great. I changed it slightly by making the colours brighter, to make it a happier piece and my uncle is very happy with it now hanging up in his home in Australia. 

Original Art print 


My recreation


My painting framed


Large scale commission

I Was commissioned to do an acrylic painting of a King Charles Spaniel for a customer. We decided on 60x60 cm. I painted on card and then added a black frame. I am able to work in many different mediums and sizes. So please feel free to ask about unique commissions.

Reference Photo


Abstract Art

I was commissioned to use my imagination and create an abstract painting that could be displayed in a pilates teaches home or studio. Her favorite colour is purple and she absolutely loved the outcome.